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Hello, I'm Anthony Free! I wear many hats - game music composer, game designer/developer, and Product Manager.My musical compositions for games usually blend electronic and orchestral styles to create a unique mix inspired by my high school band days and composers like John Williams and Nobuo Uematsu. I've composed for numerous Global Game Jam entries and the indie game Pitchfork Kingdom by Oddball Interactive. I've also launched a few games of my own, some as a solo developer, which allows me to indulge in my love for gaming in all its facets.My day job as a Product Manager might seem worlds apart, but it's given me a deep understanding of software development that's proved invaluable in my creative pursuits. Balancing between writing music, designing games, and managing digital products has taught me discipline and structure - skills that are essential when I'm composing music or working on a hobby game while juggling my day-to-day responsibilities.As for the future, I aim to bring my Product Management skills more directly into the gaming industry (or gaming-adjacent) and continue to create bespoke music for indie game developers, fusing my passion for music and gaming to create truly immersive experiences.


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If you have a long-term project you'd like to discuss, please reach out on Twitter.If you'd like to commission me for a smaller project you can find my commission rates on my Buy Me a Coffee Extras.